Welcome to “Wood World” The largest door & frame manufacturing company in the country.

Welcome to "Wood World" The largest door & frame manufacturing company in the country.

January 27, 2023, Business & Organization

Wood World has started its journey 20 years ago, and since then we have been manufacturing the highest solid wooden door and frame, using solid wood. Most of our wood is local. Few timbers are coming from overseas to meet the requirement of our clients. The managing director of Wood World knows the natural and technical difficulties working with wooden products, especially with wooden doors and frames. Wood World has been manufacturing the highest quality door and frame since 2000 using Kiln -Dry chamber (For seasoning) and other high-tech machines. Our only kiln-dry chamber is tested and approved by the “Forest Research and Development” in Bangladesh. Within 25 years we provide free services whether repairmen and replacement are needed.


Road: 29/Ka; Plot: 3; Mirpur, Rupnagar Abashik Elaka, Dhaka


📱 1758015553


📧 f.farhanmolla2@gmail.com


🌐 https://www.woodworldbd.com/

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