Kormi24 is the best worker marketplace in Bangladesh

Kormi24 is the best platform for connecting people by creating a single platform where you can hire professionals in the most efficient manner.

January 26, 2023, Business & Organization

Our mission is to connect people by creating a definitive platform from where you can hire professionals and find jobs according to your skills.

Unemployment rate is high in our country, but many job opportunities are available here almost every minute. And we have made Kormi24 the perfect place from where you can search for jobs or easily hire the right person for the job you need.

At Kormi24, we have categorized occupations based on job skills so that you can easily hire skilled people or easily find desired jobs based on your skills, experience and location.

Our system is a perfect and easy-to-use platform for everyone.

You can use www.kormi24.com website or download our Kormi24 App from Google Play Store or App Store.


89 Kakrail, Green City Edge (11th floor), Dhaka, Bangladesh


📱 01552-736263


📧 kormi24.info@gmail.com


🌐 https://kormi24.com/en
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