CrackPlatoon Charging Solution Ltd.

Charge your EV vehicles with the CrackPlatoon charging.

March 4, 2024, Automobile

Embark on a greener journey with CrackPlatoon Charging, your go-to destination for advancing sustainable transportation across the picturesque landscape of Bangladesh. Our commitment to facilitating the electric vehicle (EV) revolution is underscored by a comprehensive network of charging stations, strategically positioned for maximum accessibility. Navigating the verdant roads of Bangladesh becomes a breeze as our user-friendly app guides you seamlessly to our cutting-edge charging hubs.

At CrackPlatoon, reliability takes center stage. Trust that our state-of-the-art charging infrastructure delivers a consistent and dependable energy supply, eradicating range anxiety and fostering confidence in every EV owner. We prioritize affordability, believing that eco-conscious choices should align with budgetary considerations. Our competitive pricing models make EV ownership an economically sensible choice for individuals and businesses alike.


32/20 Kha, Block: C, Tajmahal Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh


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