Bashori Restora, Dhaka

Bashori Restora is a popular restaurant who supply really a delicious foods. Bashori Restora is located in Banani in Dhaka.

Bombay Sweets & Co. Ltd.

Bombay Sweets & Co. Ltd. is one of the best food and beverage items manufacturer in Bangladesh.

Rainbow Ice Cream, Dhaka

Rainbow Ice Cream is a popular company who makes delicious ice cream in various items like- chocobar ice cream, cup… View details »

Xiaomi Service Center, Dhaka

Xiaomi is one of the popular mobile brand available in Bangladesh. Xiaomi has lots of high configured smartphone available in… View details »

Hashem Electric Co. Ltd.

Hashem Electric Co. Ltd. (HEC) was founded by the late M. A. Hashem in the year 1940 with the aim to… View details »

Bengal Refrigeration Co. Ltd

Bengal Refrigeration Co. Ltd is one of the best exporter, distributor of electrical testing & measuring of instruments & equipment… View details »

Automation Engineers Ltd.

Automation Engineers Limited is a security service & consultancy company in Bangladesh.

Cambrian School and College

Cambrian College Bangladesh is a well known college with a quality education.

Gateway Migration, Dhaka

Gateway Migration is one of the best organization for migration to Canada, migration to Australia and 

College of Home Economics

Home Economics is the profession and field of study that deals with the basic needs, health, life science, art, economics… View details »